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The meaning of De Rossi - Il significato di De Rossi


Puppe a pera - Francesco Nuti


Tu hai le puppeappperaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

(via kosmika74)

Rodrigo Taddei in Curva Sud per Roma-Fiorentina [HD]



Giochi olimpici giovanili estivi a Nanchino, Cina: una delle foto più belle del giorno #IlMondoInUnMinuto


Finally got the long exposure image I wanted to get. It only took 3 visits.

30 second exposure.


Suborbital Transit by hjl

38000 feet above Northern California

Update: a few people have asked about how this was made. This is above some bumpy weather from the window seat in the last row on a northbound 737, looking southwest towards the tail late in the afternoon. The sun is low and out of frame, around where the flare at lower right and the horizon would meet, which makes good shadows, and keeps the smudgy window from washing the scene out. The camera (EOS M) is nearly at the seat in front of me, with a diagonal view which both avoids the tail and picks up some curvature from the plastic airplane window, along with extra flare and haze. I also added a few points of curvature in Lightroom, basically the opposite direction of the lens profile correction.

looking to my old undocumented code


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